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C.A.Seydel Sohne

Seydel Session Standard

Seydel Session Standard

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A reasonably priced entry into the harmonica world: The Blues SESSION Standard with brass reeds.

The SESSION Standard is a professional harmonica that is 100% made in Germany. It is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.

These so-called "Diatonic Harmonicas" or "Blues Harmonicas" are suitable for music of all kinds. No matter if you like to play German folk music, Irish folk, Scottish reels, French chansons, English-language folk songs from the 70s or, of course, traditional blues and the rock music that grew out of it. These are the musical genres from which the Blues harmonica has become indispensable.

These instruments are ideal for playing melodies with self-accompaniment (tongue-block technique), which makes these small instruments sound like an accordion.

In Blues and Rock, the Blues scale is played and thus bending notes are needed. These bent notes can be played on these diatonic models and suddenly SESSION STEEL sounds like a Blues singer from the Mississippi Delta. Modern players add overblows to turn the originally diatonic instrument into a chromatic-playable one, which then also feels at home in jazz or classical music.

The Blues SESSION Standard is thus a fully equipped solo instrument that fits in any pocket!

Technical description:

  • ergonomically shaped stainless steel sound cover completely rounded at the mouth 
  • ABS comb with internal nickel silver reedplates in black; lip and beard friendly design
  • stainless steel rivets and screws
  • minimized air consumption due to fine-cut reedplates, optimised flatness and extremely low tolerances between reeds and reedplate
  • traditional brass reeds ensure a balanced overall sound - Richter tuning
  • with a practical pouch made of black genuine leather
  • available keys: all keys from LD (Low D) to F#
  • this model is fully compatible with the >GECKO harmonica holder

The SESSION STANDARD in C is also available in a set with a Blues Harmonica Workshop: >Blues Beginner Pack.

Tip: 99% of all tutorial books refer to the key of C.


If the key you are looking for is not available, contact me to see how long it will take to arrive, and if there are other options available.

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