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Introduction to the Harmonica - Group Lessons

Introduction to the Harmonica - Group Lessons

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🎶 Unlock the Magic of Music with "Introduction to the Harmonica" Group Lessons!

🎵 Description:

Your instructor, Robert Laferriere, will take you on an unforgettable musical journey in these "Introduction to the Harmonica" group lessons! Discover the joy of harmonica playing in a fun and supportive environment, where you'll learn essential techniques, popular melodies, and the art of improvisation. No prior experience is required – bring your enthusiasm and a diatonic harmonica in the Key of C!

🎼 Course Details:

  • When: Thursday evenings from 7 pm until 8 pm
  • Where: Stir Studio, Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Duration: 8 weeks, from May 2nd until June 20th, 2024
  • Price: $140 per participant
  • Requirements: Participants need only a diatonic harmonica in the Key of C to attend

🪕 What You'll Learn:

  • Essential harmonica techniques
  • Understanding simple harmonica tablature
  • Playing popular melodies and songs
  • Improvisation and creative expression
  • And much more!

🎉 Why Choose Us:

  • Expert instruction from Robert Laferriere, a seasoned harmonica instructor, repair technician, and performer
  • Fun and interactive group environment
  • Convenient Thursday evening classes
  • No prior musical experience needed
  • Affordable pricing

🛒 Ready to Start Your Harmonica Journey?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and unlock your musical potential! Secure your spot in our "Introduction to the Harmonica" group lessons today!


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