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C.A.Seydel Sohne

Soundcheck Vol. 1 Blues Beginner Pack with SESSION STEEL

Soundcheck Vol. 1 Blues Beginner Pack with SESSION STEEL

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1 x SESSION STEEL Harmonica in C & introductory booklet & Online-Multimedia-Program for Mac/Windows/Linux
You always wanted to learn a musical instrument? You are overwhelmed by musicians who play together without any sheet music? You like Blues and Rock and the emotional sound of the Blues harmonica?
Then this workshop is the right one for you: the tutorial lays the foundation of musical understanding and free improvisation of the Blues harmonica - no matter if you are a total music beginner or if you have ever played another instrument before.

    This workshop delivers the core knowledge of experienced harmonica players in a condensed format, presented in an educational and fresh style. All necessary topics are covered. Play music without reading the notes. Learn also on the computer - the workshop is additionally provided through easy-to-use online-multimedia-software.

    Comes with high-class SESSION STEEL Blues harmonica with SEYDEL's unique Stainless Steel reeds - lives about 5 times longer than comparable brass-reeded models.

    • from the first note to your own solo
    • music reading not required
    • many sound examples 
    • online-multimedia software and mp3s
    • backing tracks to play along with
    • with convenient leather pouch 

    This guide will give you those tips and 'eureka' moments a beginner harmonica player would otherwise need a long time to discover.

    So why hesitating? Start playing and loving the harmonica straight away!

    A link to the online multimedia-program and your personal password can be found in the tutorial booklet - the browser-based sofware works on PC or MAC (MacOSX, Linux and Windows XP/Vista).

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