I am a confident and versatile harmonica player and technician, who is drawn not only to the music that you can play on the harmonica, but also the curious physics and theory pertaining to how the harmonica works. I’ve been playing harmonica for over the decade, and building my own musical instruments for almost as long. I’m an experienced educator and trainer, teaching youth and adults alike to understand both theoretical and applied concepts.

Lessons are scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes, but will often run a bit longer at no extra charge. In the first lesson, I’ll get to know you, and your musical goals, allowing me to develop a training plan tailored to your needs. From there we can schedule more time-bound lessons on a regular basis, ensuring that you get the reinforcement and insight you need to reach your goals. As those goals are achieved or altered, I want to ensure that the lessons change right along with you.