Now Available - Antiqued Custom Assemblies

Now Available - Antiqued Custom Assemblies

Greetings folks, and Happy New Year!

Some of you may have noticed a few new items pop up on the store in the past few weeks.

I now have listings for a few new harmonica assemblies, using my custom Antiqued cover plates! Most of those that I've pre-assembled are in the key of C, and are available now for shipping. Most other keys are available with a short backorder delay. Any keys that show up as out-of-stock right now can be special ordered for you at any time. Just reach out to me at, or through the contact page on this website!

  • The Antiqued version of Seydel Session Steel uses my own custom aged cover plates, correctly branded with the SESSION STEEL markings. This is the same great harmonica we've come to expect from Seydel, but with a bit of extra flair! I can assemble any Seydel Session Steel, in stock, Antiqued, Plus, or Antiqued Plus configurations, in any key from Low C, right on up to F.
  • The Antiqued version of the Session Steel PLUS uses custom aged 1847 cover plates. Some people enjoy the shape and feel of 1847 covers, and the subtle differences they offer in terms of sound projection and resonate frequencies. For those of you who love the PLUS configuration, you can now get the added bonus of antiqued cover plates!
  • My signature version of the 1847, the Raven, ranges from Low-Low E, right on up to High Bb, and consists of both the Antiqued cover plates, and an Andrew Zajac Dark Comb in one of many colours.
  • I also offer aversion of the DaBell Story harmonica with an antiqued cover plate. The brassy finish looks amazing on the dark brown comb with recessed plates. This is an excellent value instrument that punches well above it's weight! Right now, I only have DaBell harps in the key of C in stock, but please contact me if you would like a different key or alternate tuning.

Over the next month or so, as stock becomes available, I'll be adding individual Antiqued cover plates to my website, for brands such as the Hohner Golden Melody, the Suzuki Manji, the Hohner Special 20, and possibly others! 100% of the Seydel cover plates for blues models will be available by special order, with 1847 covers available in stock for individual sale or part of assembled harmonicas.

If the exact harmonica that you're looking for doesn't appear on the store, please reach out!

I'll happily special order any Seydel model for you, set up exactly the way you'd like it in just about any configuration imaginable!

I'm looking forward to hearing form you!






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