Hello world!

Hello world!

Greetings everyone!

This is a really big announcement for me, and a big day for Woozle Effected Productions. Today, the harmonica maintenance, repair, and customization shop, as well as the virtual harmonica lessons aspects of WEP get to into the spotlight. The Woozle Effect, brand of my one-man-show and Twitch Streaming endeavours will carry on more quietly in the background, while Woozle Harmonicas will take a more prominent role in my online presence.

The first step is the launch of the new Woozle Harmonicas branding and this website: WoozleHarmonicas.com. I'm excited that you've found your way here!

In other fantastic news, I am now officially a SEYDEL SERVICE PARTNER! I am authorized by the SEYDEL (C.A.S.S.) harmonica factory to assemble, customize, and repair SEYDEL harmonicas in any way, including warranty service.

For more information about SEYDEL Warranty work, check out the Warranty Service information page. I've also set up a Google Form on the Repairs page, where you can request a consultation for service on any harmonica, regardless of make or model.

I will soon be launching my own "Woozle" configuration of the SEYDEL 1847, featuring Canadian made combs. Stay tuned!

By November 1st, all traffic from WoozleEffect.com will be redirected to the Woozle Effect sub-page of Woozle Harmonicas. You'll still have access to all the same great Woozle Effect materials and updates, and also some brand new merch from our updated store!

Students who have signed up for lessons through Acuity Schedule will have all their remaining lessons honoured under the new Woozle Harmonicas. Future lessons, packages, and subscriptions will be sold directly on this website, with subscriptions being facilitated through Sesami.io. This move introduces a rather substantial cost savings for the overall operation of both lessons, which will allow me more flexibility to improve delivery going forward.

Emails will remain at their present @woozleeffect.com domain, so there's no need to update your contact lists.

Alright, that's it! I hope you're all as excited as I am!

See you all real soon!

-Rob Laferrière
Woozle Harmonicas

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